Gear and Flame Week Fall 2018

We have been collaborating with Steel City Academy for their Gear and Flame Week .  (#GearAndFlame students have met grade level requirements, so they get to participate in a week of electives focused on vocational skills.)  After a week of exploring, we brought the #KenParr Build-a-Bike to Steel City’s campus in Gary’s Glen Park Community.  Our campers taught the kindergartens how to ride bikes and do a safety check.  Come to the Marshall J Gardner Center for the Arts on 10/13/19 from 4-6pm to learn about the #ServiceProjects our inaugural group of young leaders have been doing across NWI.   Thank you to our Gold Level Sponsor,  NWI Clean Air , our backbone organization  Miller Beach Arts & Creative District , our community partner  Family Folklore Foundation, Inc . and all our individual donors. Please email  for more info. #TakeBikeTheStreets

Lagoon Outlook Garden Ribbon Cutting

Our Northern Lights Eco Adventures campers had fun volunteering in the #LagoonOutlookGarden in Marquette Park Gary this summer.  The Volunteer Office for Community Accessibility Resource, and Training is seeking volunteers for several projects. If you're interested please follow and message their page on facebook . From Gary's Miller Spotlight's Faceboook: Saturday, September 11, 2018, we celebrated the Lagoon Outlook Garden. Over the course of 2017 and 2018 volunteers have been working on creating an accessible garden at Marquette Park Lagoon. The idea of creating an accessible garden came as a natural continuation of the commitment Gary’s Miller Spotlight’s transportation and infrastructure action group, Access Miller, has to creating a life-long community for all. In 2016, with the support and partnership of Causes for Change International, N.W.I.P.A., the City of Gary, Legacy Foundation, Mortar Net Solutions and generous donations